¬ Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast tissue may get overly large due to pregnancy, weight gain or hormonal imbalances. This causes discomfort such as back and neck pain, difficulty to find clothes, impair your ability to do sports and  lose weight .Frequently patients ask for breast reduction surgery because of discomfort related to large breasts. Breast reduction surgery resolves the problem and reshapes the breasts to the desired size. In this surgery, excess skin, fat and soft tissue is removed. Nipples are repositioned to the required level according to your body structure and your age. Also, breasts are uplifted and breasts’ size is reshaped in proportion  with your body.

Are you a good candidate for breast reduction?

Overly large breasts according to proportion with your body

Nipples hang low and sagging breasts

Big asymmetry between breasts

Neck, back pain due to heavy breasts 

Skin irritation beneath breast creases

Indentation of bra straps that support heavy breasts

Difficulty in finding clothes related to pendulous breasts

If you have any of the conditions above you are a good candidate for breast reduction surgery.Breast reduction may be performed at any age. However, at juvenile breast hyperthrophy it requires waiting until breasts grow. Beside this, young patients are very happy with the result and suggest others. Pregnancy and breastfeeding may cause important alterations in shape and size. If you are planning a pregnancy in the near future you had better postpone this surgery. Due to discomfort associated with large breasts young candidates undergo this surgery before having child.

Pre-Op Initial Consultation 

If you are considering breast reduction  surgery you should seek an experienced plastic surgeon and consult with the doctor.

In this consultation you should clearly tell your complaints and expectations about  this surgery.Over the couse of the consultation,  your doctor will evaluate the  size, shape and skin elasticity  of your breasts  , and  detect  ,if exist, the asymmetries , the deformities . Then  he/she will take notes for surgical plans. Considering your expectations and surgical examination,  your doctor will offer you the best and tailor made option and give you detailed information that includes what should you realistically expect from the surgery. Your plastic surgeon  will explain the surgical method, anesthesia ,the place of operation (hospital) . He will provide  complete instruction  on pre and post operative  care. Also he will    give you information about the risk and potential complications of the surgery . 

Before deciding  breast surgery ask all the questions you have in your mind until you get satisfactory answers and fully comprehend . In this consultation you may also get a quote. Based on the whole information you got you may finalize  your decision.

Once you decide to go with the procedure you will be asked  to have several blood tests done . If  test results are normal, the surgery time, date  and  place will be  determined.

The day  of surgery

Following registration in the hospital you will be smoothly transferred to your room. Your surgeon and anesthesist will come over to your room before the surgery . Your surgeon  will mark your breast as he /she planned . Also  anesthesist will inform you about the anesthesia and ask related  questions. Before going to operating room (OR) , a sedative  injection  will be administered.   It will help you to relieve the anxiety and the excitement related to surgery which is very common. 

In the operating room anesthesia will be applied. Breast reduction surgery can be performed under general anethesia. During the surgery under general anesthesia you will be sleeping. Your doctor will offer you the best choice that fits your case.

How is breast reduction performed?

Methods are classified according to the scar shape left after the surgery. They have advantages and disadvantages. The most frequently used method is named as inferior dermaglandular method that leaves inverted-T scar. In this method excess fat,skin and glandular tissue is reduced and removed. An inverted-T  or anchor shaped scar is left  around areola(natural transition colour around the nipples)and goes beneath the breast crease. In vertical method, scar is left around the areola vertically goes down to breast crease or less  like lolipop shape.

While determining the right method, personal factors and your preferences are considered. The best option will be offered by your surgeon after consutation with you. Incision lines around and beneath areola, breast creases  are permanent but will fade .They may become invisible and concealed beneath your underwear. 

Following breast reduction surgery

When the surgery is finished you will be taken to your room. You will be checked here and necessary medications like painkillers and antibiotics will be given. A couple of hours after the surgery you are allowed to eat liquid food. You will be asked to stand up and take a walk in short periods. Depending on your case you may be discharged on the same day or the following day. You should avoid exerting power, bending your body, doing strenuous exercises and carrying heavy things.Resting bad for couple of days will help you manage initial healing. Because such activities may increase bleeding and swelling. To prevent pressure on the breasts you are required to sleep on the back. The following day or second day drain tubes will removed out.3-5 days following surgery you may take a shower.After dressing is finished and swelling,discoloration on the operated area dissipate you are required to wear a bra that will support you for couple of weeks.In breast reduction surgery often sutures are not removed as they dissolve by themselves.  

When will resume daily routine?

Initial healing is very fast after breast reduction surgery.Depending on your job you may return to work within 1-2 weeks.There may be some limitations in your activities and mild pain which common. Pain goes off with simple pain killers. After a week you may begin easy exercises. You should refer to your surgeon for severe pain.

Breast reduction results

Breast reduction surgery dramatically changes the appearance of your body and put away the discomfort associated with pendulous breasts. That is why the satisfaction with the surgery ranks high among other surgeries .It provides smaller and uplifted breasts. It will boost your self-confidence. Discomfort  and problems such as back and neck pain, difficulty to find clothes and do sports will go away and will enjoy your life. Incision lines around and beneath areola, breast creases are permanent but will eventually fade. They may become invisible and concealed beneath your underwear.

How long will the result last?

As long as you keep your ideal weight stable and live a healthy lifestyle the result will be permanent. Besides, conditions such as  gravity, weight fluctuations and pregnancy may alter the shape and size of breasts of all women finally.

Keeping contact with your surgeon

Your surgeon will advise you on follow up visits to check periodicaly and see the results in the long run. During initial healing period, follow up visits are important to avoid potential problems and resolve them. For further questions and concerns you are always encouraged to ask your surgeon after the surgery. Your surgeon will support you at every step of surgical process.

Prof. Dr. Muhitdin Eski