¬ Hand Rejuvenation

Why is hand rejuvenation important?

Our face and hands are the most prominent parts in our body that tell-tale signs of aging  we can not disguise. In facial rejevunation, various procedures like botox, dermal filler and laser resurfacing have been being performed successfully for years. While these procedures improve the signs of aging on the face this time hands give away our age. That is why hand rejuvenation is important.

What are the signs of aging on the hands?

Hands’ aging starts with thinning out of the skin and underlying tissue of the hands. Veins on the dors of the hands are visible and tendons that manipulate the fingers become more conspicious. Between finger bones  a hollow occurs caused by volume loss. Due to aging of hands  skin on the hands becomes translucent, shriveled and blotched with sun spots.

What is the major goal in hand rejuvenation?

With hand rejuvenation we aim to perform treatments that improve loss of volume and age spots due to natural aging.

What are the hand rejuvenation procedures?

To replace volume loss in hands filler treatments are implemented. Hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers and fat injections can be performed .

To improve age telling sun spots on the back of hands treatments like laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion and chemical peeling are frequently used.

Fat transfer in hand rejuvenation:

A thin layer of fat tissue which is harvested from your body and filtered after processing over various operations is injected into the back of the hand skin. This procedure restores volume on the back of the hands and plumps the skin resulting in disguising the unsightly veins and tendons. In addition, mesenchymal stem cells found in fat tissue secrete great number of various bioactive molecules creating a regenerative micro frame that improve , refresh and rejuvenate skin quality thus expected restoring effect happens. This result is peculiar to fat injections only. Fat transfer has long lasting effect.

Is fat injection (grafting) painful?

A thin layer of fat tissue which is harvested from your body and filtered after processing over various operations is injected into the back of the hand skin.This procedure is perfomed under local anesthesia. It is totally pain-free.

How is the  downtime after hand fat transfer?

As there is no downtime in hand fat grafting ( fat transfer or  fat injection)you may resume your daily life the same daThe second day you may have some swelling like puffiness. Rarely mild bruising can accompany. Swelling will start to disappear fastly on the third day.

Dermal filler procedure  in hand rejuvenation:

In hand rejuvenation, dermal filler injection is easier to perform comparing to fat transfer. Hyaluronic acid and hidroxylapatit based fillers volumize the hands and restore a youthful look. 

After spreading topical anesthetic cream on the back of the hands dermal filler that provides volume is gently placed beneath the skin volume to get a fresh appearance.

The procedure takes about 15-20 minutes and the longevity lasts up to one year.

PRP treatment in hand rejuvenation:

Blood derived from the patient is refined after special procedures and enriched with plasma platelets (PRP). Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a  liquid that highly contains growh factors and plasma proteins. Proteins and growth factors in PRP help restore and regenerate aged skin tissue. PRP is injected into the back of the hands to rejuvenate the hand skin. PRP can be performed alone or in conjunction with fat and dermal filler transfers.

Laser Resurfacing in hand rejuvenation:

In hand rejuvenation to lessen and clear the spots on the back of the hands various laser treatments can be applied. Especially, Q-switched Nd:YAG , alexandrite, veya ruby lasers are frequently used to even out the age spots and discoloration due to sun damage on the  in hand rejuvenation. Laser photo skin rejuvenation treatment can be combined with dermal filler or fat transfer. This combined treatment offers dramatic results.


                 Prof.Dr.Muhitdin Eski