¬ FFA For Breast Augmentation

Frequently Asked Questions  for Breast Augmentation 

What shall I do before breast augmentation surgery?

If you smoke you are required to quit before the surgery. As asprin and vitamins increase the bleeding 7 days before the surgery they have to be left out. Also, necessarry instructions will be given before the surgery by your doctor.

Is breast augmentation surgery painful?

Post-op pain can be relieved with pain killers. It is a surgery that gives the patient a minor discomfort. Following surgery patient may feel itching , tightness, pain and sensitivity when touched on the breast area. Some may feel soreness when raise their arms whereas others may not. This condition is more significant when prosthesis (implant) is inserted under the pectoral muscles.

Will a scar occur after breast augmentation surgery?

Incision made on a human body always results in a scar even aesthetic used sutures. Aesthetic surgical methods, materials and principle allow the surgeon to hide the nessary incisions in the natural creases and folds of the body so scar will not be detectable. Incisions in breast augmentation surgery may be placed under the breast (inframammarian),  halfway around the nipple at the junction of natural transition color (periareolar), under the armpit fold, or through the belly button. Gradually scar will fade away and gets invisible. Healing process varies depending on the case.

What should I do after breast augmentation surgery?

We host you one night in hospital after the surgery. Following day as everything will be normal, you may go home.Before your discharge antibiotic and pain killer will be prescribed. Use them as instructed.2 days following surgery swelling and soreness reach at its peak level.But it will reduce significantly. Elevating your upper body while in bed will contribute in decreasing the eudema. Activities like raising hands too high, sleeping on face, doing strenuous exercises and carrying heavy things are never suggested. You may go back to work within 3-4 days.3-5 days following surgery you may have a shower and resume normal life. This operation will not prevent you from daily activities.

Will raising the arms cause pain after breast augmentation surgery?

In a couple days you will easily dress and undress yourself. You may feel little discomfort like tightness, soreness and sensitivity commonly which dissipates very fast.If underpectoral muscle the implants are placed you may feel difficulty while raising your arms.Do not raise your arms, carry heavy things and avoid from activities forcing you. Temporary swelling and discoloration may occur. Your doctors instructions are crucial strictly  follow them.

How soon will I be able to resume daily activities?

It will take couple days to resume daily activities.You may stand up 2-3 hours after the surgery. You will immediately notice the pleasing difference. You may be discharged 1-days post-op or even the same day of the surgery. Swelling reaches its peak level on the second day. There may be common soreness and tighteness that will subside fast.You may take pain killer.Depending on your job you may resume normal life and work 3-5 days following surgery. 

Is breast augmentation result visible immediately?

After breast augmentation you will have fuller, lifted and bigger breasts that are proportionate to your body. You will immediately notice the positive effect. From now on you will be able to wear any clothes you want. Consecutively, you will get through negative effects of small breasts and your self-confidence will improve.

Is breast augmentation surgery result permanent ?

Results are permanent and breast augmentation patients constitute one of the happiest cosmetic surgery patient group. There may be alterations due to aging, sharp fluctuations in weight and effect of gravity. Occasionally, capsular contracture might occur in the long run. However thanks to modern surgical methods and prosthesis this risk is highly minimized. 

Can a mother breastfeed her kid after breast augmentation surgery?

Most prospective mothers are concerned about it which is unnnecassary. Because prosthesis is inserted under breast tissue and this will not pose risk on milk ducts. Mothers with successful breast implant surgery can nurse their babies peacefully.

Does a breast implant cause cancer?

American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been making researches on breast implants for years. According to research results no evidence was found that breast implants cause cancer and in 2006 FDA approved breast implants. FDA also approved silicon gel implants to patients undergone breast implant or reconstruction surgeries and or would like to change pre-existing implants. Today, we can certainly say that breast implants do not cause cancer. That is why brand name and  FDA approval is crucial.

Are silicon prosthesis safe?

Since the approval of FDA breast implants in 2006, the use in the surgery has been gaining popularity very fast. American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) statistics, %72 of breast implant surgeries is composed of silicon gel  implants. In the US, silicon gel implant surgery ratio is growing dramaticallly.

How long does a breast implant last?

Breats implants are not lifelong. Duration differs depending on the case. If there is no problem no date is determined to change the implants. As long as implants do not cause any trouble you may keep them.

Will my breasts look natural after breast augmentation surgery?

Desired natural look mainly depends on the quality of the operation performed. With proper method and implant choice natural look is feasible. With plan based on carefully considered parameters such as determining the proper implant size, body contour, breast tissue existence and width of chest and  suitable implant it is always possible to get natural look. Always as implant size gets bigger, problems rise up.

Can sagging breasts caused by breast feeding be corrected ?

After quitting breastfeeding, in the breast tissue volume loss happens which is referred to as atrophy. After atrophy breass sags and loosens.Depending on the breast skin and degree of sagging a proper treatment can be applied. Often, sagging breast and atrophy can be corrected with breast implant namely breast augmentation surgery.If there is excess skin besides atrophy breast augmentation can be combined with breast lift surgery.If breast size is good enough only breast lift surgery can be performed. That’s why doctor’s diagnosis and treatment method is highly important.